The big day approaches.

So, the venue’s booked, the flowers ordered, guests invited, cake is ordered and the final dress fitting is imminent.  It’s all very easy to forget the tiniest details, and one of those is underwear.  So many brides go into a wedding dress shop without a clue of what they’re going to be wearing underneath, so they turn up with bra straps poking out the back, ruining the aesthetics of the dress.  You don’t want to look like that on the day, so make sure you order and try on your bridal bra well in advance!  A number of online shops are dedicated to Bridal Lingerie.  Try googling: “Bridal Lingerie” to find out online companies and make sure you order your lingerie well in advance.


When buying a bridal bra, fit is ultimately the most important thing.  Most lingerie shops offer free bra fitting services, where your chest size and bra cup are accurately measured.  When you know your size, try on a selection of bras and take the following into account:

-It should fit snugly around. You ought to be able to fit one or two fingers under the bridal bra band comfortably. If you are pulling down the back strap or pulling up on the shoulder straps throughout the day, then the band size (the # part of your bra size) is too big.

a.    Can you fit 1 or 2 fingers comfortably? If yes, then the band is right size.

b.    If you’re having a hard time putting one finger under the band, then move the hooks to the loosest fitting eyes. If it is still tight on the loosest fitting, then try on one in the next up band size.

c.    If the band can easily be pulled away from your body, or if the band rises up your back, then go down one in the band size.

2.    If you are wearing an underwire bra, the wire that comes up between the breasts should lay flat (or as close as possible) to your breast bone. If you are wearing a bridal bra with no underwire, you should have two separate breasts, not just a “one big boob”.

3.    If the bridal bra is a soft cup bra, you shouldn’t have any extra, gapping fabric. If the bra is a moulded cup you shouldn’t have any extra room in the cup. Your breast should completely fill the cup. If it is gapping and the band feels fine, then go down in the cup size.

4.    You don’t want to be spilling out of the cup – not from the top, bottom or sides. If the band feels fine then go up a cup size.

5.    If you raise your arms up (do this a few times), the bra should stay against your body, not lifting up or off. If this happens try a few things;

a.    adjust the shoulder straps by loosing them

b.    Pay attention to the band. Is the bridal bra too tight? Or too loose? Or just right?

c.    If the band is just right, and adjusting the shoulder straps didn’t work, then go up a cup size.

6.    Try on different styles of bras. Every style fits and fills different and can “shape” your breast differently.

7.    If your bra fits correctly, it should NOT be painful or uncomfortable to wear.


So, you’ve ensured that all the points under “Fit” are right.  You’ve tried your bridal bra on and the shape is good and you’ve made sure that the bands are positioned on the correct hooks.  The question is whether the bra is comfortable.  So, once your bridal bra has been delivered, don’t store it away until your big day.  The best recommendation is to try it out!  Wear it for a whole day and see how you feel.  If it’s comfortable for the whole day, then it’s the right bridal bra for you.

Support and Shape

When wearing your bridal bra, you have to make sure that the support is just right.  If you have large breasts, you don’t want your breasts lifted high up around your neck.  You want support across your breasts, while still being flattering to your figure.  If you have smaller breasts and you have chosen a plunging neckline for your dress, you need some extra uplift, so a bra with built-in gel support will help.

Look and Style

Ok, so you’ve taken everything into account so far for your perfect bridal bra: fit, comfort, support and shape.  Does your bra look good?   There are a plethora of different styles and finishes you can choose from that will suit your skin tone and dress and most importantly, will make your partner say “wow!”  So many bridal lingerie websites offer hundreds of styles, available with matching thongs and bridal knickers.

Fit, comfort, support and shape and look and style are all very important for your big day.  So make sure you don’t choose your bridal bra too late.  It should be bought with or even before your dress, so you can ensure you’re comfortable, happy and sexy on your most important day.

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